Here at Osborne Wells LTD we provide an all-round solution to your drainage needs. We are experts within our industry and pride ourselves in our depth of knowledge, our first-rate customer care and our ability to provide a comprehensive, professional service. Let us be your first port of call!

Blocked drain? Damaged drain? No problem!

Kitchen blockages and bathroom blockages are a reasonably common occurrence. Thankfully, we are on hand to sort these out and leave your drains clear of kitchen and bathroom waste as well as leaves and other environmental debris that might be clogging your pipes.

Our services

Drain Jetting

We perform drain cleaning and unblocking tasks through the use of drain jetting. Here we use a specialised powerful tool, which work by forcing pressurised water through a nozzle to clear the required pipe. The advantage of this popular solution is that it gives drains a thorough cleaning and wont cause any damage. Further still, drain jetting regularly will prolong the life of your drain by reducing the build-up of grime and debris, thus giving you a more efficient and effective plumbing system, lowering the water pressure running through your pipes. Consider using this service once a year to keep drains in top condition and avoid possible bigger, more expensive jobs in the future.

Drain jetting

Drain excavation

Drain excavation is a very specialised and skilled service that we provide. It requires digging a hole in the problem area after a thorough investigation has been carried out as to what and where the problem is. This could be required when it’s necessary to get right down to the source of the problem in the pipe if there are drain repairs needed in an awkward location, such as under your house. I know to some people the thought of digging can seem daunting but rest assured the work will be carried out by professionals with extensive experience and expertise.

Structural lining

We can repair and strengthen your drains with structural lining that reinforces and protects your pipes from future damages. It is effectively a joint-less pipe that is placed inside your pipework, smoothing out and filling any damages in a non-intrusive way. Structural lining can in some cases be used as an alternative to excavation and it will inevitably prolong the life of your drains. It can be used in circumstances where the damage in the drain is running underneath your house, wall or conservatory and is a very effective method of repair.

CCTV drain surveys

These are carried out for inspection purposes to pinpoint the location and cause of the drainage problem. Using highly specialised equipment, we can safely and efficiently detect any issues you may have in your pipes.

Drain tracing

Like CCTV drain surveys, drain tracing is a non-intrusive method by which we identify the source of any leaks, contamination and damage that your pipes may have.

Once we have identified the source of the problem, we can then move on to determine together which method of repair would be best for your needs and budget.

We offer an extensive range of specialised services for both residential and commercial drains. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us for more information. Our friendly team are always happy to help.