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Don’t buy construction estimating software without looking here first

Do you feel like your company loses too many bids? The problem could be that you’re bidding too high or not accurately assessing the costs involved in a given project. Want to make your next bid a winner? Then you need the right estimating software to help you put in the best bid possible. Here are a few suggestions for software titles that can help you put that together.

It is implemented by companies of every description, from the smallest of subcontractors to huge multinational construction companies.

HCCS has proven to be a perfect fit for both public and private contracts in utility transportation, oil and gas, and power. It helps contractors accurately and swiftly prepare detailed cost estimates and convert them into bids.

HeavyBid allows users to generate estimates more quickly by utilizing multiple sources of estimating data and automating various repetitive tasks. Its quote management function allows users to effectively manage every aspect of a quote, from RFQ to the selection of subcontractors and suppliers to the creation of purchase orders and subcontracts. It also works with many existing accounting systems, making it possible to send bids directly to your accounting department and create a budget.

Software licensing for HCCS Heavy Bid includes 24/7 phone support and live onsite training.

Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software

Originally released as Maxwell Estimation, Viewpoint MEP Estimating is highly advanced estimating software. It specializes primarily in generating estimates for mechanical, HVAC, and commercial and residential electrical and plumbing companies. It features trade-specific estimation capabilities that assist in generating the most accurate estimates possible.

It includes a database that is updated with current pricing information for labor and materials for each respective industry.

The program also includes Excel integration, proposal generators, visual assemblies, historical database, and even “what-if” analyses. It has specific software-based solutions for every project role. It is an excellent fit for all kinds of contractors, projects, and business roles.

B2W Estimate

Originally marketed as BID2WIN, B2W Estimate is an excellent system for estimating construction costs and managing bids. It assists companies in calculating labor and material costs, managing a variety of documents, and much more. Its multinational customer base currently has more than 5,000 users.

B2W Estimate also offers seamless integration with such third-party applications as Excel, the electronic bidding system used by the Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as its own sister title, B2W Track. It also integrates well with Oracle, Dexter + Chaney, Maxwell Systems, Foundation, and more.

B2W Estimate is specifically designed to assist with estimating for paving, earthwork, and other kinds of highway or heavy contracting. It is currently at work on a broad variety of projects running the gambit between tunnels and bridges, as well as railroad, marine, golf course, and landscaping projects.

ProContractor by Viewpoint

ProContractor provides end-to-end cloud solutions for accounting, estimating, and project management. It is designed to help small to midsized contracting companies increase their visibility and profitability. It provides flexible and comprehensive features that give users the ability to begin with most mission-critical applications. Best of all, it grows with your business.

ProContractor’s accounting application also captures all required information needed to generate payroll checks, insurance and tax reports, along with various reports, accounts payable, and general ledger.

This application also offers construction-specific functions, including unit billing, equipment tracking, and support for multiple companies. It seamlessly integrates with ProContractor Estimating, which allows its users to easily convert bids into projects.

It even sets up cost and billing codes and handles multiple functions related to change orders, lien notices, and more. It truly is a comprehensive solution that assists construction firms in getting a firmer handle on bidding and document control.

Sage Estimating

Originally released as Timberline Estimating, Sage Estimating is a highly intuitive solution for a variety of construction businesses. It provides takeoff capabilities that are detailed and conceptual and provides a number of takeoff solutions, all of which are designed to speed the process of estimate considerably.

This title is available in Standard and Extended versions and includes an impressive number of industry-specific sample databases.

This software is so flexible that it can be tailored to meet the needs of any size company, but it’s optimized for companies running operations in excess of $1 million annually, mostly based on its cost.

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